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How To: Water Your Trees and Shrubs During a Drought

Your trees and shrubs need special attention during a drought because your regular lawn watering probably won’t provide them with enough moisture.


Tilmer Stone, owner of Tilmer’s Tree Care in Omaha, suggests the following:

How to Water Established Trees:

  • Once a week, place a hose on the ground at the dripline, which is the outer edge of the tree canopy (as far out as the branches reach).
  • Water via a slow trickle for 45 – 60 minutes.
  • Then relocate the hose, following the line of the tree canopy, and repeat watering. Do this two or three times around the dripline; larger trees will need more than smaller.
  • Watering at the trunk of the tree is a waste of water unless your tree is young or newly planted. An established tree’s root system extends underground out beyond the tree canopy.

How to Water New Trees

  • Place your hose on the ground in the mulch surrounding the tree.
  • Water via slow trickle approximately 30 – 45 minutes.
  • Repeat this process a second time on the other side of the tree.
  • Water every 5 to 6 days.

How to Water Shrubbery:

  • Again, using the slow trickle method described above, place your hose on the ground about a foot out from the base of the shrub.
  • Water for about 30 minutes once a week.

Caution: Do not be tempted to over-water your trees and shrubs. Even in this heat, too much water can deprive trees and shrubs of oxygen and cause die-back. Only water following these guidelines until normal rainfall commences.


If you have additional questions about how to care for your trees and shrubs,
call Tilmer at 402-339-2569.

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