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Lawn Sprinkler Installation, Service and Maintenance

How to Start Your Lawn Sprinkler System Yourself

Feeling Brave? Here’s How to Start Your Lawn Sprinkler System Yourself


  1. CLOSE all screw valves that were opened for winter.
  2. OPEN both handles on the vacuum breaker located on the outside of the house.
  3. SHUT the drain at your basement water source if it’s been opened for winter.
  4. Turn your water valve ON SLOWLY! Water should enter pipes gradually or you could literally blow apart your system.
  5. LISTEN as the water flows through your pipes. The sound should suddenly stop (that’s good).
  6. TURN the master switch on your System Control Panel to ON (probably located in your garage).
  7. CHECK the performance of each zone in sequential order. Turn Zone One to Manual ON.
  8. GO back outside and check sprinkler heads for damage or leaks. Adjust or modify water spray if necessary.
  9. TURN Zone One’s manual switch back to OFF.
  10. REPEAT steps 6-8 until all Zones have been checked and zone switches returned to OFF. The master switch remains ON.
  11. RE-SET timers on the Control Panel if you wish to modify hours of watering. Otherwise watering will automatically occur as previously programmed.
  12. CALL us if you have problems or questions.
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