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Lawn Sprinkler Installation, Service and Maintenance

Sprinkler Repair Omaha

OOPS! Water, Water Everywhere? We Repair and Service ALL Sprinkler System Brands

Broken valves, smashed sprinkler heads…stuff happens. When it does, just give us a call. We’ll be there. We’ll schedule your appointment at your convenience and we’ll show up on time! Plus we back our work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Here are just some of the Lawn Sprinkler Repair Services we offer:

  • Adjust, add or move sprinkler heads to accommodate your growing foliage and changing landscape
  • Replace old or broken sprinkler heads
  • Fix leaky or broken pipes
  • Replace nozzles to achieve more efficient spray patterns
  • Adjust, repair or replace your timers and controllers
  • Cap heads
  • Repair broken wires
  • Install new water-saving, money-saving sensors and controllers
  • Extend or upgrade your existing system
  • You name it!

Sprinkler System Services for Seasonal Maintenance

From startup to shutdown, we can also help you keep your sprinkler system running efficiently. For example:

A Sprinkler System Startup Includes:

  • Restarting your sprinkler system correctly and safely.
  • Performing a comprehensive, back-to-front, inside-outside irrigation check.
  • Checking your sprinkler heads for damage or leaks.
  • Adjusting water spray patterns.
  • Programming your timers and setting your watering schedule.
  • Making repairs as needed (however, these are priced additionally).
  • Recommending updates or add-ons that can cut your water usage & your utility bill.
  • Fully guaranteeing all work to your 100% satisfaction!

A Summer Checkup Includes:

  • Adjusting spray patterns to accommodate your evolving greenery.
  • Testing your controller and adjusting it based on summer temps and the water needs of your lawn and foliage.
  • Unclogging spray heads and inspecting for broken or dislodged heads.
  • Ensuring your grass and greenery aren’t declining because of too much or too little water.
  • Making repairs as needed (however, these are priced additionally).
  • Fully guaranteeing all work to your 100% satisfaction!

A Sprinkler Winterization & Blowout Includes:

  • Using an air compressor to fully blow out and remove water that may be left in your pipes. In Nebraska, this is the most effective way to protect your system in freezing weather.
  • Shutting down your controller and system correctly
  • Providing you with estimates if needed repairs are discovered and recommending either immediate or spring “fixes.”

Annual Service Plans for No-Worries Watering: It’s Like “Auto-Pilot Maintenance!”

  • With discounted, packaged pricing on services
  • Auto-scheduling and auto-reminders
  • What’s not to love?
  • Here are more details

Hear why homeowner, Paula, chose Quality Irrigation.

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“Rearranged other appointments in order to fit us in – greatly appreciated! Thank you!” – Amy & Gary

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