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Lawn Sprinkler Installation, Service and Maintenance

How to Water Smarter

In order to save water and money, sprinkler systems in Omaha should be used effectively. There are ways we all can “water smarter.” For example:


  • Don’t mow your grass too short. Keep the mower blade at a 3-inch minimum. Grass roots will grow deeper and hold soil moisture and require less watering.
  • Start your sprinkler system early and water in the morning. Less heat and wind slow evaporation.
  • Water deeply enough to reach the roots and water less frequently to encourage strong root growth.
  • Mulch to retain moisture in the soil and to combat weeds that compete with plants for water.
  • Plant native and drought-resistant foliage and plant groupings with similar water needs. Eventually these will need less water and better survive dry spells.
  • Aerate your lawn every year, especially if you have clay soil. This helps moisture better penetrate the ground.
  • Check all of your hoses and outdoor faucets to make sure that you don’t have leaks.
  • Don’t hose down your driveways or walks. Instead, sweep them clean and let the rain do the rest.
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