How Green Spaces Benefit Your Children in Surprising Ways

According to research, children who enjoy playing outdoors and are exposed to grass and greenery have improved health and function more effectively. For example, green spaces help them:
Reduce stress… “A study published in Environment and Behavior (Vol35:311.330) indicates that ‘by boosting children’s attentional resources, green spaces may enable them to think more clearly and cope more effectively with life’s stress.’”

Reduce ADHD symptoms…“Researchers at University of Illinois report findings that children who regularly play in outdoor settings with lots of green (grass and trees, for example) have milder Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms than those who play indoors or in built outdoor environments.”

Function more effectively… “Contact with nature helps children to develop cognitive, emotional, and behavioral connections…Nature experiences are important for encouraging imagination and creativity, cognitive and intellectual development, and social relationships.

Cope with peer pressure… “…girls exposed to green settings are better able to handle peer pressure, sexual pressure and other challenging situations as well as perform better in school.”

Improve overall health…“There is growing evidence that horticulture is important on a human level. Plants lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tension related to stress, improve attention and reduce feelings of fear and anger or aggression.

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