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Lawn Sprinkler Installation, Service and Maintenance

Starting Your Sprinklers in the Spring – What You Need to Know

After a long winter, it’s time to wake up your sprinkler system and get it ready for a season of keeping your landscape looking its best. Our sprinkler start-up service gets your system ready for optimum performance during the season by performing regular maintenance and identifying any specific issues that may cause problems during the season.

Trust our technicians to follow the correct procedures to start your system correctly.  Take note: it is possible for a novice to cause significant damage to a system by refilling the pipes incorrectly. Surge pressures, air compression and water hammer can result and can damage or destroy sprinkler heads, valves and other components.   Unless you’re familiar with the correct start-up procedure for your system, leave it to our professionals.

Our spring start-up service includes:

  • Refilling the system with water
  •  Testing available water pressure
  • Operating each zone from the irrigation controller
  • Checking each sprinkler head for operation and coverage
  • Adjusting and cleaning components as needed
  • Visually checking for broken risers and underground leaks
  •  Setting controller for the upcoming watering season
  • Verifying sensor operation (where applicable)

Contact our office to schedule your spring start-up today.

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“Rearranged other appointments in order to fit us in – greatly appreciated! Thank you!” – Amy & Gary

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