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Lawn Sprinkler Installation, Service and Maintenance

Is Your Sprinkler System Like a Typewriter?

Quality Irrigation - typewriter

As recently as the 1980s, there were more people using typewriters than computers, and mobile telephones didn’t start trending until the mid ‘90s. But can you imagine trying to function in today’s world with a typewriter instead of a computer?  Or living without your cell?

Yet, we still see homes coping with decades-old sprinkler systems, where old-tech sprinkler heads and components are wasting lots of water… not to mention lots of money.


That’s Why Our
Sprinkler System Spring Startup
Includes the Following:

Total Back-to-Front, Inside-Outside Review of Your System

  • We look for any leaks that may have occurred over the winter due to weather or varmints
  • We change the direction, height or intensity of your water spray patterns as-needed
  • We adjust your watering schedule to accommodate new plantings or greenery growth
  • We suggest watering modifications or new techniques that can improve the health of your grass, gardens and greenery
  • We identify old-tech heads and components that should be replaced by water-efficient ones to ensure you’re spending money to water your yard and not the neighbors, the street or the air.
  • Where possible, we explain how you can cut your water usage and save on your water bill year after year.

We encourage you to schedule your Spring System Startup today.

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“Rearranged other appointments in order to fit us in – greatly appreciated! Thank you!” – Amy & Gary

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